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GO templates

Packages text/template, html/template are part of GO standard library. GO templates are used in many GO-programmed software — docker, kubernetes, helm. Many 3rd party libraries are integrated with GO templates, for example echo. Knowing GO templates syntax is pretty useful. This article consists of text/template package documentation and couple of author's solutions. After describing GO templates syntax we'll dive into text/template и html/template sources.
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Principles of slice type in GO

How to use slices is described in GO blog. Let's take a look to a slice internals.
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Principles of map type in GO

The map programming interface in GO described in GO blog. We just need to recall, that map is key-value storage and it should retrieve values by key as fast as possible.
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Golang regexp: matching newline

Why PHP- and JavaScript-like regular expressions work with dot (".") work differently in GO
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